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#209 INTRO FOR Quakers (50 likes?) - semalt

Yoo im back with another intro for Quakers! Drop a like if you enjoy and hit the subscribe button for more intros like this :)Q & A -Q: Are you gonna make me a free intro?-A: No I'm not gonna make it you have to pay -Q:If i have 100 Subs will you make me one? -A: No i do free intros for someone who is up to 5000+ Subs -RENDER TIME AE:- 1H26min/C4D:50min-SONG : i dont remember-Shop: https://sellfy.com/MelloFx-Call ME on Skype : Patsajunior-Add me on discord : MelloFX#7684 -

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Frequencerz & Zany - Quakers {FULL HQ + HD} - semalt

-----------Channel info & Questions------------Do you like our uploads? Subcribe!: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_c...Like our Facebook page!: https://www.facebook.com/HarderInsidezFollow onTwitter!: https://twitter.com/HarderInsidezWe would really appreciate it when you do! Thanks! :)Tips or questions over the layout of our videos are always welcome!----------Track Info-----------Artists: Frequencerz & ZanyTitle: QuakersLabels: FusionQuality: 320 kbps MP3 / 48.000Hz / Stereo---------Copyright Reasons------------We DO NOT own this tracks! its all for promotion to give out this amazing hardstyle content and increase the publicity of this fantastic genre! all rights go to the producers and the labels of the tracks!If you're owner or publisher of one of these tracks and you want us to remove it, than please send us a private message! We would remove it as fast as possible! -

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William Penn & The Quakers - California Sun - semalt

best version of this song -

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Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy - Singing Quakers - semalt

Friends University Symphony of Spring 2013. Erin (Isherwood) Saunders, Amanda Dahna, Lisa Paine, Danie Schweizer, Andrea Workman -

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Pair of Quakers building a nest - semalt

One of my quaker pair is building a nest :) -

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The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) - semalt

This video is about the Friends' Church. References 1. Anonymous. (2011). Quaker information center. A gateway to Quakerism. Retrieved from http://www.quakerinfo.org/quakerism/ faithandpractice 2. B.A. Robinson. (2006). Ontario consultants on religious tolerance. Retrieved from religioustolerance.org. http://www.religioustolerance.org/qua... 3. Bales, Micah. (2015). Quaker maps: mapping the religious society of friends. A Brief Introduction to Quakerism. Retrieved from http://www.quakermaps.com/info 4. Friends History. northwest friends church. http://www.northwestfriends.org/about.... Accessed March 2, 2015.5. Interview with Pastor John Hinshaw. Pastor of Northwest Friends Church, Denver, CO. March 8, 2015.6. QICadmin. (2011). Quaker information center: a gateway to Quakerism. Retrieved from Quakerinfo.org. http://www.quakerinfo.org/quakerism/i...7.QuakerMaps.com. http://www.quakermaps.com/. Accessed March 2, 2015.8. Quakers. BBC. http://www.bbc.co.uk/religion/religio.... Last Updated July 3, 2009. Accessed March 3, 2015. 9. Quakers Beliefs and Practices. about religion. http://christianity.about.com/od/quak.... Accessed March 2, 2015.10. Quakers. http://www.quakerinfo.org/quakerism/b...11.Religion Facts. http://www.religionfacts.com/. Accessed March 3, 2015.12.The Red and Black Star. American Friends Service Committee. http://afsc.org/story/red-and-black-star. Published March 30, 2010. Accessed March 3, 201513. The Religious Society of Friends. http://www.quaker.org/. Accessed March 2, 20114. What Do Quakers Believe? Quaker Information Center. http://quakerinfo.org/quakerism/beliefs. Submitted May 26, 2011. Accessed February 24, 2015 -

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"Autumn Quakers" - "Осенний квакер" - Готовая работа - semalt

"Autumn Quakers" by Rosewood Manor -

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How Quakers Can Transform The World - semalt

Noah Baker Merrill discusses sacramental living, Quaker Voluntary Service, and how our Quaker prophetic witness can transform the world.Quaker Speak is a weekly video series. Subscribe so you never miss a video!http://QuakerSpeak.com/subscribeDirected by Jon Wattshttp://www.jonwatts.comVisit Quaker Voluntary Service to learn more about opportunities for young people interested in social and personal transformation through service work and living in Quaker community.http://quakervoluntaryservice.orgWatch Noah's presentation on stage at this year's FGC Gatheringhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZGEY...Explore the Quaker Way:http://www.fgcquaker.org/exploreRead Friends Journal to see how other Friends describe the substance of Quaker spiritualityhttp://www.FriendsJournal.orgCome worship with Friends! Find Quakers near you on QuakerFinder and Friends Journal's meeting listingshttp://www.fgcquaker.org/connect/quak...http://www.friendsjournal.org/meeting...Transcript:Prophecy is about seeing the world as it is from a God's eye perspective. It's about looking at the world the way it is from the perspective of love and justice and the possibility that all things could be made new.The Possibility of Every MomentWe live in a world where hope is scarce and fragile and where -- as a species, as a whole community of life -- there's this sense deep at the roots that something is wrong, that something about the balance of the world is changing.There's this low level anxiety that surrounds us and I think a huge part of that is that we have lost a sense of the sacredness of our journey here on this planet, and I think one of the gifts for me of my journey as a Friend is that I find tools for what has been called "sacramental living" -- for recognizing that in every moment there's the possibility for the in-breaking of something beyond us.The Heart of the Prophetic MessageTaking the condition of the world and all of the suffering and all of the injustice and all of the joy and all of possibility, and all of the reality of global climate disruption and the massive inequality that we experience as human being, and also says, "but this is not all that's possible. Something could be different." Ultimately, I think that's the heart of the prophetic message: "It could be different."A Way of Living that Makes it RealI think prophetic service is not just a perspective. It's not just a word we would say, or a vision we would lift up, but its a way of living that incarnates that -- that makes that real in our lives, in our families, in our workplaces that says, "how do I live in a way that's invitational? That invites people into that possibility that something could be different?" That this -- that we see every day -- is not all that could be possible, and that together in communities, we could be living into that. We could find that place together.And it sounds grand and it sounds huge and it sounds impossible to achieve, but living in our daily lives in that way, open to the invitation, is something that we hope we're inviting people into in Quaker Voluntary Service. And I hope that when people come into a Quaker Meeting that once in a while they experience that invitational living, where we're seeing things as they are and also reaching for what could be together. -

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Quakers, Racism, and the Blessed Community - semalt

Vanessa Julye, co-author of "Fit For Freedom, Not For Friendship: Quakers, African Americans, and the Myth of Racial Justice" discusses overcoming racism in the Religious Society of Friends.Quaker Speak is a weekly video series. Subscribe so you never miss a video! http://QuakerSpeak.com/subscribeDirected by Jon Wattshttp://www.jonwatts.comMore Resources!Read the October issue of Friends Journal: “Experiences of Friends of Color”http://www.friendsjournal.org/categor...Read Vanessa Julye’s Friends Journal Article: “A Journey Toward Eliminating Racism in the Religious Society of Friends”http://www.friendsjournal.org/journey...Explore the Quaker Way:http://www.fgcquaker.org/exploreRead Friends Journal to see how other Friends describe the substance of Quaker spiritualityhttp://www.FriendsJournal.orgCome worship with Friends! Find Quakers near you on QuakerFinder and Friends Journal's meeting listingshttp://www.fgcquaker.org/connect/quak...http://www.friendsjournal.org/meeting...Transcript:In the blessed community, for me, it would include all the members of our human species. I see that as a goal for Quakerism. That is something that we strive for within the Religious Society of Friends.I’m Vanessa Julye. I live in West Mount Airy in Philadelphia and I work with Friends General Conference serving as the Ministry on Racism and Youth Programs Coordinator.The Blessed CommunityWhat is the blessed community? Well, for me, its a community where everyone has value and that we’re actually able to see that of God in each person and to be able to live in community, sharing the gifts that God has given us with each other.White supremacy is restricting our way of creating a blessed community because it is making it difficult for people of color to be a part of the community.What is White Supremacy Culture?What I mean when I say white supremacy is white dominance, essentially. In this culture, what is considered “American” is really European-American culture. If you are a part of that culture and fit into that culture, you don’t notice it and so things don’t seem different for you.A part of the white supremacy culture is its invisibility to European-Americans in this country, because if you don’t see a structure and feel that that is normal, then there’s no need to change it.The Revolutionary Aspect of QuakerismOne of the things for me within Quakerism is it feels its alive and that its alive because it can be responsive. The revolutionary aspect for me of Quakerism where we have stood up against the status quo and there have been times that we haven’t, let me be clear. As the author of “Fit for Freedom, Not for Friendship: Quakers, African Americans and the Myth of Racial Justice” I’m not putting Quakers up here on a pedestal and saying we did things perfectly. Quakers have had—and still have—issues around racism. It’s still very much a part of the Religious Society of Friends, but we were the first religious group to say, “No, we will no longer enslave people of African descent.”Eliminating Racism in the Religious Society of FriendsThe next step for me in the Religious Society of Friends in using our continuing revelation in addressing the issues of white supremacy and white privilege in the Religious Society of Friends is for us to be able as individuals, as Meetings, to admit that this does exist and that race is an issue in this country that needs to be addressed, and for us to educate ourselves about what white privilege and white supremacy is for us.Once you are able to see some of the systems, then it becomes astonishing, and it is going to be hard, and it is going to be challenging, and there are going to be moments where its going to feel like, “I just can’t do this. This is too hard. This is too overwhelming.”One of the benefits that the Religious Society of Friends has is the structure that we have support systems through support committees. If you are going to—either as a Meeting or as an individual—decide to start doing this work around identifying what white privilege and what white supremacy is... to have support as you’re doing that.If we’re able, as some of us are beginning to do around climate and looking at the issues of climate change, of saying, “Ok, this country, we do need to make a change” and that we do need to be aware of our white privilege and the white supremacy so that we can make changes to create more of the blessed community that we’re looking for. -

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University of Pennsylvania Quakers Fight Song - semalt

Penn fight song! Check out http://www.youtube.com/collegefightmusic for more neat songs!DYK: Did you know that Penn's baseball field is called Meiklejohn Stadium? -

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Collett Returns to Quakers as Coach - semalt

Andy Collett returns to Darlington as goalkeeping coach. The former Quakers shot stopper comes back to the club after a gap of 14 years. -

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Rosewood Manor "Summer Quakers" Отчет 1! - semalt

Мой интаграм: https://www.instagram.com/kitiliviada... -

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Why Do Quakers Care About Politics? - semalt

Why do Quakers care about politics? We asked Marge Abbott and Noah Baker Merrill.Quaker Speak is a weekly video series. Subscribe: http://QuakerSpeak.com/subscribeWork with Quakers:http://fdsj.nl/fcnl-quakerspeak___Go Deeper with Friends Journal:http://FriendsJournal.orgLobby with Quakers on Capitol Hill:http://fdsj.nl/fcnl-quakerspeakWork for peace with justice with AFSC:http://www.afsc.org/friendsLearn about the rich diversity of Quakers worldwide:http://www.fwccamericas.org/Directed by Jon Wattshttp://www.JonWatts.com___Transcript:Noah Baker Merrill: We’re a small group. We’re politically insignificant in so many ways, but it's not our power that we’re bringing to these conversations. We’re being as faithful as we can be to the truth that’s being revealed to us, and we're trusting that if we follow that through, that that will speak in others as well, you know, that that same power that we're encountering is also at work in every heart.Why Do Quakers Care About Politics?Marge Abbott: Friends always been very active in addressing our government and its rule. They had started out in the earliest days having to try and change laws that were affecting them directly. As time went by a century later they were among the most active lobbyists to end slavery, active in women's suffrage, in temperance movements... many, many places where they were lobbying over the centuries.The Story of Paul and the Jail CellNoah: There's a story in the Book of Acts that I really love where these two traveling ministers, Paul and Silas, are in this jail…Marge: ...and in the middle the night there was an earthquake or something that broke open his jail cell...Noah: ...and everybody's chains come off. So they’re sitting in this broken prison...Marge: ...and he could have easily walked away, and never been seen again, and never have to deal with the consequences...Noah: ...and the jailer comes in and he says he starts to kill himself, because he's afraid to get executed because his prisoners have escaped, and Paul and Silas call out and say, “Don't harm yourself. We are all still here.”Marge: He stayed and faced his jailers and said, “You guys are doing it wrong. You can't be imprisoning me. You're taking away my rights as a Roman citizen.”Noah: So that image is really important in terms of understanding what it means for Quakers to be engaged in prophetic work, that we can touch that experience of everybody's chains coming off and then we stand and we wait in the broken prison and we bring that message to others, and invite others to live in that reality as well.Creating the Kingdom of God,Waiting in the Broken PrisonMarge: Friends have always had this sense that the Kingdom of God can be realized here on earth, and so for early Friends, sometimes that vision was taken from Isaiah with the image of the lion and the lamb living side by side without doing damage to the other, this sense that we can all share this Earth together if we treat each other with respect.They really wanted to prick the consciences of the magistrates, the soldiers, whoever was around, and get them to change the laws so other people would not have to suffer. So it was not just about themselves, it was about concern for the whole of the community and that unjust laws should be changed.Noah: So it's not like maybe in some churches where people are looking for a ticket out of this world, or it’s not like some places where they’re trying to just benefit themselves or disengage from the connection with the world.The Quaker call to prophetic work is about having that experience of that transforming love and then seeking to live it in the world, in all relationships.Transformation Through RelationshipNoah: The systems that we create as people, the systems of government and systems of power and the way that we distribute resources are all inhabited by people, and at its most powerful, this prophetic work is about relationships. And so when we reach out to people across the political divide, people can feel that if it's coming from a real place. Getting out of that sense of, “We are going to force you to do something,” but offering that invitation that it could be different. That we could we could together build a world that is so much more whole, so much more alive than the one that we live in today.___The views expressed in this video are of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Friends Journal or its collaborators. -

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A (very) brief history of Quakers - semalt

Many people seem to get Quakers confused with Amish or Shakers or even Mormons, so the Young Friends of Richmond VA decided to make a video to help clear things up a little bit. This is all about Quaker history (which actually has very little to do with Amish and Shaker and Mormon history).Originally the video was going to be called "What is Quakerism," but that turned out to be way too big of a project, at least for now. I worked with the Young Friends on this video for six months or so, studying some important moments in Quaker history and generally having a good time.Our "animation" style was inspired by an epipheo video with Tim Ferriss, and we also would like to thank Jon Watts for being the patron saint of quaker youtube videos. Barb Adams, the clerk of Religious Education at Richmond Friends Meeting, was the woman who pulled everyone together to make this happen. -

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Re: Quakers: Woolly-minded liberals? - semalt

This is my response to the piece -

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Quakers - R.A.I.D feat. Lyric Jones - semalt

http://www.stonesthrow.com/store/albu... -

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Quaker Quest - Quakers and Worship - semalt

In QUAKER QUEST Friends(Quakers) speak of their own experience in response to the questions people ask.What is worship?More about Quaker Quest http://www.quakerquest.orgMore about Quakers http://www.quaker.org.uk For Information pack outreach@quaker.org.uk -

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Quakers vs. Thunder Line Brawl - semalt

The tempers flare at the October 27th game in Carrot River... Kyle Guestin (Thunder) and Brennan Kirkness (Quakers) the two goalies go at it at centre ice! -

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Minecraft Mini Game - Cheese & Quakers - semalt

Minecraft Xbox // Episode 34 // Cheese & QuakersPrevious Episode: https://youtu.be/ViBtKlbjPZ8Next Episode: http://youtu.be/F2GN6f0AmqETom and Giles play their brand new mini game, duck diving!Tom: https://twitter.com/TomLowe1995Giles: https://twitter.com/Mr_Anderson8Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CTvsGUpload Schedule: https://www.youtube.com/user/321Chall...Minecraft Creations: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...Minecraft Xbox: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...Funny Moments: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...I joined Maker Studios & so can you!Click here to see if your channel qualifies for Maker Gen/Maker Studios http://awe.sm/gLIrC -

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Lee Hume Signs With Quakers - semalt

Youngster Lee Hume puts pen to paper on a contract with the club. -

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Cocteles con Ron - Coctel Quakers - semalt

Receta de la bebida con ron Quakers.Visita mi blog con recetas, noticias, fotografías, etc ...http://barmaninred.blogspot.comEstoy en las Redes Sociales ...Facebook: https://es-es.facebook.com/BarmanInRedTwitter: https://twitter.com/BarmaninRedGooble+: https://plus.google.com/+Barmaninred2...Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/barmaninred/Si te gusta lo que ves suscribete y dale al ´me gusta` ... Saludos y que lo disfrutéis.Aprende a preparar cócteles y bebidas con nuestros tutoriales. Bebidas y cócteles para tus fiestas, con ingredientes sencillos y fáciles de hacer, usamos Ron para nuestro Quakers.How to make cocktails and drinks. -

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Feeding Baby Quakers Part 3 - semalt

I am naming them after the 7 dwarfs as being there was 7 eggs in the clutch. Only 6 however hatched. So here they are the seven dwarfs, Sneezy, Sleepy, Bashful, Grumpy, Happy, and Doc, Dopey was tossed out of the nest as a egg. -

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Rosewood Manor/Summer quakers Подготовка. - semalt

Мой инстаграмм https://www.instagram.com/ilka35/хештег #мечтаяосэмплереСэмплер "Вдохновение"-http://www.123stitch.com/item/Rosewoo...Канал Елены https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdJZ...Канал и видео Марианны с приглашением в СП https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzEuv...Канал Люды и видео о магазине https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0OEj...Канал Алены и ее МК https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNso8...Этот ролик обработан в Видеоредакторе YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/editor) -

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Baby Quakers 2 weeks old - semalt

These baby Quakers are being hand fed, just after eating. Sitting on the counter top while I clean their bedding, they try to snuggle with each other to keep warm. Without full feather coverage their little bodies get cold, would normally have the parents sitting on them to share their body warmth. They need temperatures around 90F to sleep and digest their food properly. Notice how the wing feathers are already forming, coming out in a shaft. The feathers will break out of the shaft as they grow to full length. Their heads are also covered in pin feathers, working their way to the top of the skin, soon to be covered completely, while their bodies feathers take a little longer to come in. I will only take about another week to see this happen. I love the look on their little faces, the innocent eyes, the perpetual grin on their beaks. Like a human or any other baby, though, their days have one purpose, to eat, sleep and poop. I fill their little crops with food, they sleep and digest, poop it out, and start all over again, well, at least for a few more weeks. At about 6 weeks of age they will be fully feathered and begin eating on their own, usually completely weaned around 8 weeks old. At this stage they are 2, almost 3, weeks old. -

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Alleluia - Friends University Singing Quakers - semalt

The Friends University Singing Quakers celebrate Heritage Sunday at University Friends Church, on the weekend of their 90th anniversary celebration. Alleluia by Jake Runestad -

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Quakers - Fitta Happier (Official Video) - semalt

Guilty Simpson & MED featured MCs. Quakers is a 35-person hip-hop collective, centered around three producers - Fuzzface (Geoff Barrow), Katalyst (Ashley Anderson), and 7Stu7 (Stuart Matthews). Quakers 41-track album is out now on Stones Throw.http://stonesthrow.com/quakershttp://itunes.com/quakersVideo Director: Eric Coleman; Cinematography: Jerry Henry; Editor: Laith Majali; Cameras: Jerry Henry, B+, Mike Park; Producers: Marybell Chavez, Eric Coleman. -

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How Do Quakers Approach Sustainability Work? - semalt

Environmental sustainability is a global concern. How do Quakers approach this work? We talked with two Friends who have collaborated with Quakers from around the world to answer this question.Read More: http://fdsj.nl/fwcc-sustainability►SUBSCRIBE for a new video every week! http://fdsj.nl/QS-Subscribe⇒⇒Find out more about Quakers:Become a Friends Journal subscriber for only $28 http://fdsj.nl/FJ-SubscribeLearn more about the life and ministry of New England Quakershttp://fdsj.nl/qs-neymFind out how Quakers are assisting military personnel across the UShttp://fdsj.nl/qs-quaker-houseLearn about the rich diversity of Quakers worldwidehttp://fdsj.nl/qs-fwccWork with Quakers for peace with justicehttp://fdsj.nl/qs-afsc⇒⇒QuakerSpeak links & credits:Listen to the QuakerSpeak Podcasthttp://fdsj.nl/QS-PodcastLike us on Facebookhttp://facebook.com/QuakerSpeakFilmed and Edited by Jon Wattshttp://www.JonWatts.comMusic by Jon Wattshttp://www.jonwattsmusic.com⇒⇒Transcript:David Millar: My great hope is that we are at a point—and this is what the Kabarak call itself says—where all people of good faith, whether or not they’re Friends, can work together and say, “This is our only home.” And take the steps that are necessary, in diversity. There will be lots of differences of opinion, but believe me, there will be so many thousands of things that need to be done that every little bit counts.How Do Quakers Approach Sustainability Work?Rachel Madenyika: I think when we talk of Quakerism, we look at our inner selves. I think the whole issue of sustainability, or sustaining life on Earth is a challenge within ourselves. Sustainability means simplicity. How do we live in our own home? Sustainability means peace. If we want peace to be lasting, it means we need to work on how we can make it sustainable and lasting.David Millar: I like to think of ourselves as an ecosystem. We need the diversity of cultures and languages and thoughts, and we have to stop and slow down and pay attention. So speaking as a Quaker now, the very first step we take is to listen to other people, to the still small voice.The Kabarak Call for Peace and EcojusticeDavid Millar: The Kabarak Call for Peace and Ecojustice was itself almost a miraculous thing. It emerged from this worldwide consultation and we asked people in Bolivia and the Pacific Islands and India and Nepal and Hong Kong and Alaska, Central America, the United States, Canada, Norway, Netherlands, Great Britain. It was an amazing experience, and they all lead to the same conclusion: the way out is not more weapons; the way out is not building higher walls; the way out is not beggar your neighbor. It’s the golden rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. And we’re now looking at a situation where we have to do that at a planetary scale.How Do Quakers Approach Sustainability Work?Rachel Madenyika: It’s about thinking of our Earth and thinking of where we live. I think of community. How do we as Quakers work within—not only our own community. But what makes Quakers unique is the ability to work across divides, and bring people together and talk about those areas of concern.David Millar: I see this as the peace testimony written at the level of the planet. In a sense, earthcare began with the Beatitudes, and when Jesus said, “You know there are really only two commandments: love God and love your neighbor,” I think that speaks to the very heart of the spiritual tradition of which Quakerism is a part. To me that’s what earthcare is, but a lot of people are still seeing it in terms of, “What type of lightbulb should I choose? Do I drive a car? Do I eat a hamburger?” Those are important questions.Working on Sustainability Beyond North AmericaRachel Madenyika: Sustainability is not only a North American issue. I think it is a global issue.David Millar: What this is about is something that affects equally indigenous people around the world, who are on the front line right now at this very moment, and it will eventually come home to our children and grandchildren in their homes, where they live right now.Rachel Madenyika: What we really try to do in the consultations, it just shows that how we work as Quakers is to listen and to be present, and to hear everybody’s perspectives.More: http://fdsj.nl/sustainability-work___The views expressed in this video are of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Friends Journal or its collaborators. -

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The Quakers in Britain come @Out4Marriage! - semalt

Paul Parker, as a representative of the "Quakers in Britain", tell us why they have been calling for Equal Marriage since 2009.Share | Like | TweetFor more ways to get involved in the campaign visit www.Out4Marriage.orgFan us on Facebook www.FB.com/Out4MarriageFollow us on twitter @Out4Marriage -

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How Activism Led Me to Quakers - semalt

The Earth Quaker Action Team is a group of activists that incorporate silent Quaker worship into their protests. As a college student, Lina Blount was captivated by this style of direct action, and it started her on a Quaker journey. READ Lina's article at Friends Journal! http://fdsj.nl/half-a-quakerSUPPORT QuakerSpeak on Patreon! http://fdsj.nl/patreon2SUBSCRIBE for a new video every week! http://fdsj.nl/QS-SubscribeWATCH all our videos: http://fdsj.nl/qs-all-videos___Become a Friends Journal subscriber for only $28 http://fdsj.nl/FJ-SubscribeFind out about Quakers in PA, DE, NJ and MDhttp://fdsj.nl/pymFCE: deepening intimacy, finding peace, building community. Curious? http://fdsj.nl/fceLearn about how Friends Fiduciary witnesses to Quaker values on Wall Street https://fdsj.nl/friends-fiduciaryMusic, Filming and Editing by Jon Wattshttp://www.JonWatts.comPhotos by Kaytee Ray-Riek___Transcript:I like to believe that Quakers in their core hearts are really rebellious. What I’ve learned about early Friends is that is a part of the origin story, of this rebellious spirit saying, “No, we won’t accept the systems of power and hierarchy that are laid out here. In fact, everyone has access to God and we’re going to really tell everyone very firmly that that is what we believe.”How Activism Led Me to QuakerismMy name is Lina Blount. I live in Germantown, Philadelphia and the Earth Quaker Action Team is my primary spiritual community and connection to Quakerism. The Earth Quaker Action Team, or EQAT, is a group of Quakers and non-Quakers who are using spiritually-grounded, nonviolent direct action to fight for economic and environmental justice.How I Was Introduced to QuakerismI was introduced to Quakerism through EQAT. I didn’t have a major spiritual community before I came to this organization, and I remember one of my very first actions with EQAT, we went to the Philadelphia Flower Show and we were setting up a “flower crime scene” because the flowers in Appalachia were being destroyed through mountaintop removal coal mining and I was a student and I kind of showed up and did what I was told to do without really knowing the whole action plan, but I remember at some point, someone called for worship and it got really quiet in that group. There was noise and movement all around us, people going to and from in the Flower Show, but in that quiet, there was something really compelling to me.Worship in ActionThere’s something about holding worship while we’re in action that I think makes EQAT more powerful than if it was just us showing up and going through the motions. Now that I’ve been involved for a couple of years, I can’t tell you the number of times that we’ve been in an action and someone has called for silence or someone has spoken out of silence, and a whole shift in energy and possibility in the moment was made possible because of the work in those spaces. Spirit is always invited in to what we’re up to—in our actions, in our meetings. As someone who didn’t have vocabulary for that experience of Quaker meeting outside of action, it was a very very powerful introduction.Being Clear to Take ActionI think one of the most important things that I’ve seen in EQAT and that I’ve seen replicated in EQAT is that being clear enough to act isn’t the same as being clear on all the details. There are things that you can do as an organization and as a group of people to build trust and to build skills in being flexible in learning and supporting each other through uncertainty, but if you’re clear enough to act, it’s so much more important to act than to really get bogged down in finding certainty. Because we can learn through our actions, and holding yourself accountable to learning and acting and reflecting and learning is so important and the injustices of our system are too urgent for us to wait all the time for every single detail. For me, it’s a deeply spiritual thing to navigate faithfully your clearness-in-action.I think that’s something that EQAT’s taught me in a really profound way, is that if we embrace our learning together, our action can be powerful and can get more powerful as we gain knowledge in the campaign, but starting the action is critically important.___The views expressed in this video are of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Friends Journal or its collaborators. -

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Final Presentation: The Quakers and Slavery - semalt


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Wright Full of Praise for Quakers - semalt

This video is about Post Match Reaction -

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Singing Quakers - Holy Radiant Light (Gretchaninoff) - semalt

Friends University Singing Quakers perform Holy Radiant Light at the Cathedral of the Plains in Victoria, Kansas. Video by Sarah Richardson. -

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Quakers and the Still, Small Voice - semalt

When we sit in silence on Sunday morning, Quakers often like to say that we’re “listening”. But what does that still small voice sound like?Quaker Speak is a weekly video series. Subscribe: http://QuakerSpeak.com/subscribe___Go Deeper with Friends Journal:http://FriendsJournal.orgLobby with Quakers on Capitol Hill:http://www.fcnl.orgWork for peace with justice with AFSC:http://www.afsc.org/friendsLearn about the rich diversity of Quakers worldwide:http://www.fwccamericas.org/Directed by Jon Wattshttp://www.JonWatts.com___Transcript:Noah MerrillWhat I’ve found again and again is that there are moments where I am able to make enough space to listen to that still, small voice—to that inward voice of Christ that leads me into a different way of living. A different way of loving in the world.Quakers and the Still, Small VoiceBrian DraytonThe first Friends—especially George Fox—the core of their message is that “Christ has come to teach his people himself.” It’s not a theological thing: Friends experienced unmediated discipleship. Just like Peter followed Jesus and heard Jesus’ voice, got the teachings direct, had to encounter Jesus’ personality for good and for ill—that’s what Friends were experiencing. That was the inward teacher.Fascinatingly, just like the Holy Spirit spoke through the apostles at the Pentecost in such a way that everybody heard the Spirit speaking in their own language, so, too, the Christ Spirit in all ages has been speaking in ways that people could understand in their situation and in their times.The Still, Small VoiceDeborah ShawSo the still, small voice is about us understanding that when we still ourselves and quiet ourselves and, I think part of it is making yourself not be the center of the story, like that I am not the center of the story…Deborah SuessI think it’s helpful to remember that for most of us, we don’t see writing on the wall. Most of us don’t hear a vocal leading. Most of us don’t frequently have these, like, dynamic mystical experiences, although they happen.Deborah ShawAnd so we have to be quiet. We have to lean forward and say, “Oh, yes…”What We Hear When We ListenOWhen I listen—when I really listen—I am listening to hear God speak. I am listening for God’s voice. God’s signal. What that means to me is the signal that moves me to aliveness.Deborah ShawSo the still, small voice might be consolation. It also might be reproof. It also might be inspiration or challenge or encouragement. I get a sense of a way forward and a comfortable-ness in my body-mind-spirit which is saying “yes, that’s not just you”—although I have to be a part of that co-creating—but that’s God speaking to me. The inward Christ, the inward teacher.Brian DraytonNow, that inward teacher we believe has been present in all ages and in all people, because the inward teacher is another way of talking about the inward light. And that’s the Christ Spirit at work in all ages, if you follow John, which Friends like to do… the gospel of John I mean.The Challenge of ListeningNoah MerrillIt’s been my experience that the most clear invitations to live in a way that is about love and wholeness come in a voice that is very easy to ignore, that it’s very easy for me to let my ego, let my fears, my anxieties, the ways that I’m bound up govern the way I live my life.OIt’s almost as if the energy of the soul, in all of its power and its richness and its movement… that which has the capacity to create universes, my belief is that we have a tendency to suppress it.Deborah Suess…and so often times I think it’s important that we learn to quiet enough to discern the Spirit Christ’s pattern of speaking to us.OFinding a way to really tap, locate, that energy and allowing it to come forth… it’s a power. It’s a power. And that power, in order to break through the ego structures and the racisms and the classism and the homophobia-isms, and all those isms—in order for Spirit to come through that, there is this aliveness and power that pushes up and out and the body quakes. That’s one way of accessing it.Putting the Still, Small Voice at the Center of Our LivesJay O’HaraPutting the still, small voice at the center looks like not doing anything until it’s clear—until you’re truly led.Deborah ShawEven if it’s telling me I must do something that I’m not happy about maybe engaging in, or even if that is a discomfort place, I still have the sense of comfort and calm. There’s a sense of a deeper peace that accompanies that, those commands or those encouragements.___The views expressed in this video are of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Friends Journal or its collaborators. -

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Baby quaker parrots asking for a feed 14.11.08 -

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Eating Oat Meal ASMR Quakers: Farts - semalt

Hello Lights, Eating Oat Meal With My Grand Baby Who Will Tell You How I Make my Oat meal Taste So Good. We All Need A Little Laugh And Relaxation In Our Life. Subscribe!ASMR Food https://youtu.be/bm7uL07BJo0Ramble Whisper https://youtu.be/dtTqqh5PWy4ASMR Star Bucks https://youtu.be/MYu3aesNZxM Eating Ghost Pepper Fries ASMR https://youtu.be/rVYdgXQB8akFollow Me ~Twitter~ SpiritVaWhy do you whisper? My videos are intended to relax, induce sleep, or create ASMR. What mic do you use?The Blue Yeti Microphone ~ I Am Saving For A 3Dio Microphone For ASMRWhat do you do for work? Florist ( I Love Fresh flowers)Where do you live? In Houston TX, U.S.A.How old are you? 45What Camera Do You Use? Sony 5100Will you ever speak in your normal voice? Yes Will you ever show your entire face? Yes/Most Times What is your ethnicity? Black , African American Eating Oat Meal ASMR Quakers: FartsBUBBLE GUMhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gaLN...Blowing & Chewing Soundshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Hw4f...Feet Massagehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShFkA...YUMMY YUM YUM DONUTShttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9VU3...PERSONAL ATTENTIONhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEnu0...SPAGHETTI AND MEAT BALLShttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ITyO...EATING CANDY (CHOCOLATES)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrThw...PEANUTBUTTER AND JELLYhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZYZa...CHEWING GUMhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tewF...Cotton Candy gum Ballshttps://youtu.be/0OkTdCPmc_Y3Dio Kissing ASMR ~ https://youtu.be/L9cp_WeKG0c3D Popping Bubble Gum https://youtu.be/wTPURjdu_1YKEY WORD:asmr vlog relaxingasmr vloggerasmr oat mealyoutube vlog asmryoutube volger houstonEating breakfastEating sounds -

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The Quakers picking on poor Mandy - semalt

Baby Blue and Oscar being typical naughty quakers, with their backups, Periwinkle and Penny, waiting in the wings;-). -

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Bagpipes Merrily Danced The Quakers Wife.MOD - semalt

Merrily Danced The Quakers Wife slow sheet music here http://hawickpipesanddrums.weebly.com... -

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Quake Live: Quakers Nightmare on DM6 - semalt

Quake Live Open Beta against nightmare bots which only use the gauntlet weapon.just fun... -

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Quakers Challenge Disc Golf - Lewisberry, Pa - semalt

Today I'm playing Quaker's Challenge on the new brutal Par 70 layout in Lewisberry, Pennsylvania.Watch me play some horrible disc golf, card a few triple bogeys and comment on all things important to me about the sport of disc golf.Boulder Woods Country Club - https://www.discgolfscene.com/clubs/B... -

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Fearless Curiosity: Quakers and Native Americans - semalt

Bonus Video: When William Penn came to Pennsylvania, he and other Quakers had a unique approach when it came to Native Americans. But as Quaker painter Adrian Martinez discovered when researching for his project “Where Two Worlds Meet“, despite their peaceful approach, the Quakers didn't always have the best intentions in mind for the American Indians.SUPPORT QuakerSpeak on Patreon! http://fdsj.nl/patreon2SUBSCRIBE for a new video every week! http://fdsj.nl/QS-SubscribeWATCH all our videos: http://fdsj.nl/qs-all-videos___The views expressed in this video are of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Friends Journal or its collaborators. -

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📚 LIVROS LIDOS - MARÇO 2018 - Marketing, Napoleon Hill, Ricardo Antunes - semalt

A partir deste mês, farei um vídeo separado contando um pouco sobre as leituras concluídas no mês em questão. Desta vez você pode conferir os livros que eu li em março e algumas reflexões importantes no final!Livros citados no vídeo:Reposicionamentohttps://www.amazon.com.br/gp/product/...Você pode realizar os seus próprios milagreshttps://www.amazon.com.br/gp/product/...Os segredos dos milionárioshttps://www.amazon.com.br/gp/product/...Escada para o triunfohttps://www.amazon.com.br/gp/product/...O imaterial(indisponível na Amazon - esgotado na editora)Sentidos do trabalhohttps://www.amazon.com.br/gp/product/...Blog:http://www.vidaorganizada.comLivro "Vida Organizada" por Thais Godinho:https://www.amazon.com.br/gp/product/...Cursos Online de Organização:http://oficina-vida-organizada.eadbox...Cursos Presenciais - Método GTD:http://www.gtdbrasil.com/agendaInscreva-se neste canal para ver mais dicas de organização:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUMl...Quer mais da Thais?Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/vidaorganizadaFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/vidaorganizadaPinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/vidaorganizadaInstagram: http://www.instagram.com/vidaorganiza...Blog: http://www.vidaorganizada.comO canal Vida Organizada oferece dicas, ideias e inspiração para a organização da vida. Use nossos vídeos para aprender como se organizar para ter mais qualidade de vida.Outros canais da Thais aqui no YouTube:Casa Organizada:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJAQ...GTD Brasil:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBYS...Thais Godinho: https://www.youtube.com/user/redroses.... -

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Battle of bunker hill essay Sample business marketing plan - semalt

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Social Media Marketing: A Significant Savings In Rocky Hill! - semalt

https://bit.ly/LPJM-FREE Call 5712696328Looking For A Fantastic Deal In Rocky Hill? You've Come To The Right Social Media Marketing Company! Take A Look At LPJM Solutions, LLC Based In Rocky Hill Connecticut We'd Like To Help. Our Decades Of Know-How Sets Us Apart. We Take Great Pride In Offering The Best Service In Rocky Hill. You'll Notice A Real Difference Right Away. It's Time To Receive This Amazing Offer, Contact Us Today!For More Information Contact Us At: LPJM Solutions, LLC 6 Middlefield Dr. Rocky Hill Connecticut 06107 5712696328Topic: Social Media Marketing In Rocky Hill ConnecticutReference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/_Social... -

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Zany & Frequencerz - Quakers (Clockartz Remix) (Free Release) - semalt

Track Support:Hardstyle-Promote@gmx.deRead The Description:Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/GerHardstyle...Soundcloud (Promote):https://soundcloud.com/ger-hardstyle-...Download:http://www.clockartz.com/downloads/Clockartz:https://www.facebook.com/Clockartzhttps://www.youtube.com/user/Clockartzhttps://soundcloud.com/clockartzZany:https://www.facebook.com/ZanyDJhttps://www.youtube.com/user/djzanynlhttps://soundcloud.com/djzanyFrequencerz:https://www.facebook.com/Frequencerz/https://www.youtube.com/user/Frequencerzhttps://soundcloud.com/frequencerz -

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1990 New Philadelphia High School Marching Quakers - semalt

1990 New Philadelphia High School Marching Quakers -

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СП Мечтая о сэмплере.AUTUMN QUAKERS/Rosewood Manor. - semalt

Каналы девочек,которые организовали СП "Мечтая о сэмплере":Люда https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNvQ... Марианна https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpOP... Лена https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdJZ... Илона https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm-D... -

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Quakers Celebrate 3rd Promotion in 4 Seasons - semalt

Darlington players and staff celebrate their third promotion in four remarkable seasons at Whitby Town. -

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Lee Gaskell Scores a Stunner For Quakers - semalt

Darlington's second goal in their 3-0 win over Matlock will surely be a goal of the season contender. A superb strike from Lee Gaskell. All the other goals from the game can be seen at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqPNOm... -

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СП Мечтая о сэмплере.AUTUMN QUAKERS/Rosewood Manor. - semalt

Вспоминаю о вышивальных встречах с любимыми девочками!Каналы девочек:Вита https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI_x... Илонаhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm-D... Ирина https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxUW... Тая https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOeD... Наташа https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOFz... -

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1983 New Philadelphia High School Marching Quakers - semalt

New Philadelphia High School Marching Quakers 1983Uniform Dedication Performance @ Quaker Stadium -

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Tukufu Zuberi on Why Quakers had Slaves - semalt

Philadelphia: The Great Experiment (In Penn's Shadow)UPenn sociologist Tukufu Zuberi explains the moral and ethical reasoning which the Quakers, known for their value of human life, used to justify their enslavement of others.Watch more at http://www.historyofphilly.com/Check out our website! http://historymakingproductions.com/ -

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How Did Quakers Come to North America? - semalt

Why did Quakers come to North America? As Max Carter tells it, it wasn’t to escape religious persecution.►SUBSCRIBE for a new video every week! http://fdsj.nl/QS-Subscribe⇒⇒Find out more about Quakers:Become a Friends Journal subscriber for only $28 http://fdsj.nl/FJ-SubscribeLearn more about the life and ministry of New England Quakershttp://fdsj.nl/qs-neymFind out how Quakers are assisting military personnel across the UShttp://fdsj.nl/qs-quaker-houseLearn about the rich diversity of Quakers worldwidehttp://fdsj.nl/qs-fwccWork with Quakers for peace with justicehttp://fdsj.nl/qs-afsc⇒⇒QuakerSpeak links & credits:Listen to the QuakerSpeak Podcasthttp://fdsj.nl/QS-PodcastLike us on Facebookhttp://facebook.com/QuakerSpeakFilmed and Edited by Jon Wattshttp://www.JonWatts.comMusic by Jon Wattshttp://www.jonwattsmusic.com⇒⇒Transcript:People associate Quakers primarily in the United States with Pennsylvania, and actually it wasn't the first place the Quakers came to in the American colonies.How Quakers Came to North AmericaQuakerism began in England—1640s and 50s—as missionaries, those who went forth to share their experience, to lead others into convincement, first came to Virginia.The first known Quaker in the colonies, I believe, was Elizabeth Harris 1656 in Virginia.There were Quakers in the Carolinas by the 1660s.So they were washing ashore in various places, initially as missionaries, carrying the gospel message as Friends.William Penn and PennsylvaniaBut in the 1670s, William Penn was a convinced Friend and was offered a tract of land on what we today call “Pennsylvania” by the King of England, who owed his father, Admiral Penn, a large debt for Admiral Penn’s having loaned a significant sum of money for the prosecution of a war.Penn refused to accept the land until he sent his agents over to treat with the Native Americans who actually lived there on how they would live together, and Penn actually bought the land from the Native Americans.[In] 1681, 1682, in the treaty of Shackamaxon, painted by Benjamin West and Edward Hicks and those sorts of folks.But whatever the historical details were, Penn did seek to live peaceably with the Native Americans in what became known as Pennsylvania.Penn didn’t call it Pennsylvania.The king said, “I want to honor your father by calling it ‘Penn’s Woods,’ Penn’s-Sylvania, to honor Admiral Penn,” and so the name stuck.The Holy ExperimentIt became, for William Penn, and opportunity to display what became known as “The Holy Experiment”, which we understand in two different ways.It was an experiment in how to organize our political and religious and social lives around those testimonies of Friends, around the Quaker understanding of restoring original Christianity.So it would be a place where people could practice their religion freely, without the dictates of the crown, where all would be equal in the society, regardless of their class and their religious background, and a place that would not be organized around the military power and might, where anyone who believed in God could run for office and serve in civil society.But it was also understood to be a place where you would go and you would experience the power of that life.Quakers talked about knowing truth “experimentally”, which meant experientially.So the holy experiment was not just “We’re going to try this and see if it works,” it was actually, “Come here and experience what life living as if the kingdom of God has come on Earth as it is in heaven” is like, and many did.So many Quakers settled in the Delaware valley, in Pennsylvania because of that.Expanding to Other ColoniesSo it wasn’t as a refuge.Folks didn’t flock to the colonies to escape persecution.In fact, if they got to Massachusetts, they were hanged.It was not a capital offense to be a Quaker in England.It was in Massachusetts, and several Quakers were hanged for the crime of “driving while Quaker” in Massachusetts.They came to bear truth, to bear witness—and before long, almost half of the original colonies has Quaker majorities, or Quakers in government.Rhode Island, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania and the Carolinas all had significant Quaker governments, leadership well into the early 1700s.Then from that center of the Delaware Valley Quaker culture, Friends started spreading out as it got expensive there or crowded there, in the mid 1700s, Quakers went down the Shenendoah Valley into the Carolinas, went north, went west, hit the Appalachian mountains and went south, eventually over the Appalachian mountains and into Ohio, Indiana…___The views expressed in this video are of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Friends Journal or its collaborators. -

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- semalt


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Вышивка крестом.Готовая работа. AUTUMN QUAKERS🍁Rosewood Manor. - semalt

Готовая работа,мои впечатления🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁 -

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Os Quakers ( tremedores ) história do cristianismo - semalt

Aqui nesse vídeo falo sobre os Quakers.Grupo cristão no whatsapp : 61 99677-1600 -

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Autumn Quakers & Rosewood Manor Готовая работа. - semalt

Готова ещё одна работа,а именно осенний квакер Autumn Quakers & Rosewood ManorВидео о летнем квакере - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eyjgz...Оформление летнего квакера - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZ5fk...Все мои процессы -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bR2c0...Видео с Карен Клуба где она показывает свои новинки 2018 года https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=joJNC...Мой магазин на ярмарке мастеров - https://www.livemaster.ru/ilonailka -

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Breve Historia de los Cuáqueros (Quakers) - semalt

La historia de Los cuáqueros comienza durante y después de la guerra civil inglesa aproximadamente entre 1642 y 1651, Durante este periodo nacieron muchas denominaciones cristianas nuevas. Un joven llamado George Fox, estaba en contra de las enseñanzas tradicionales de la Iglesia de Inglaterra, Afirmó haber tenido una revelación en la que se le decía que era posible tener una experiencia directa con Jesús sin la necesidad de un clero organizado.Sígueme en Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joremjecv/Suscríbete al Canal, Comenta, Dale Like y Comparte. Activa la campana de Notificaciones. -

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Street Preaching: Officer, Neighbor, and Quakers - semalt

Jesus Christ is Lord and God, and He is not The Father Hell is realAll sinners are going there in their state -

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Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride - Singing Quakers - semalt

Symphony of Spring -

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Nathan Cartman Signs On With Quakers - semalt

Darlington have completed the signing of the division’s leading scorer Nathan Cartman from Harrogate RA. -

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Brandon Ravens vs Philadelphia Little Quakers - semalt

The Philadelphia Little Quakers come to Brandon Florida to play the Brandon Ravens. The Quakers who in their 57 years of football had only lost 33 games, went home last night with number 34. Thanks to all the parents, coaches volunteers and players of both teams for making the game possible. -

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Quakers Ready For Return to Town - semalt

Darlington FC return to the town on Boxing Day. Ahead of the game Darlington FC Director John Tempest and project manager Malcom Cundick spoke about the move home. -

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How Do Quakers Read the Bible? - semalt

Quakers believe that the real way that you understand what the Bible has to say to you is to let the words be illuminated. Paul Buckley explains.http://quakerspeak.com/subscribeDirected by Jon Wattshttp://www.jonwatts.comDiscussion Questions: http://quakerspeak.com/quakers-read-b...Explore the Quaker Way:http://www.fgcquaker.org/exploreOrder The Quaker Bible Reader, edited by Paul Buckley and Stephen Angell:http://www.quakerbooks.org/the_quaker...Quaker Voluntary Service has opportunities for young women and men interested in social and personal transformation through service work and living in Quaker community.http://quakervoluntaryservice.comTranscript: How Do Quakers Read the Bible?Paul BuckleyA lot of Quakers don't. I actually asked this question of a dozen/fifteen different Quakers from across the spectrum: from evangelical Quaker pastors to a woman who describes herself as a lesbian-feminist bible believing Christian, activists and people who are more theologically based. I asked them exactly that question: how do Quakers read the Bible?The result is a book. Gotta plug the book.--The Quaker Bible Reader-- http://www.quakerbooks.org/the_quaker...Each one of them gave a very different answer to the question on some level, but if you looked at all the essays that they produced -- as a whole -- you find that there is really an answer to that question, how do Quakers read the bible, and that is: Quakers read the Bible under the immediate direction of the holy Spirit.We may be scholars. We may know a lot about exegesis and the history of biblical criticism or we may not. But in each of the answers that I got -- from Evangelical to Liberal -- it was very clear that the real way that you understand what the Bible has to say to you as a Quaker, as an individual, is to let the words be illuminated. Let that inward Light light up the text that you're looking at. Let the holy Spirit speak to you, and to listen for that voice of God underneath the words. -

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Why Quakers Don't Take Communion - semalt

Why don't Quakers take communion? Why don't they baptize? Early Quakers believed that the church was full of empty forms, and they sought the real substance of being filled by the Holy Spirit. Quaker professor Michael Birkel of Earlham College explains.Subscribe to QuakerSpeak so you never miss a video!http://www.QuakerSpeak.com/subscribeDirected by Jon Wattshttp://www.jonwatts.comDiscussion Questions: http://quakerspeak.com/michael-birkel...Explore the Quaker Way:http://www.fgcquaker.org/exploreRead Friends Journal to see how other Friends describe the substance of Quaker spiritualityhttp://www.FriendsJournal.orgQuaker Voluntary Service has opportunities for young women and men interested in social and personal transformation through service work and living in Quaker community.http://quakervoluntaryservice.comWorship with Friends! Find Quakers near you on QuakerFinder and Friends Journal's meeting listingshttp://www.fgcquaker.org/connect/quak...http://www.friendsjournal.org/meeting...TranscriptThere's a phrase that goes through both the gospel of Luke and its sequel, the Book of the Acts, and that phrase is, "being filled with the Spirit." "Filled with the Holy Spirit."There are moments in stories in that book where they say, "and so-and-so, being filled with the Spirit, goes off and does something wonderful." And Early Quakers I think felt that they themselves were filled with that same Spirit. So it was really that experience. Some of it was structure and so forth -- or lack thereof -- but I think the fundamental thing was that experience of being filled and led by the Holy Spirit.Early Quakers yearned for a revival of primitive Christianity because -- in their experience -- the life of the established church around them was one of form without substance. You could have a ritual, you could have a program, you could have a structure, but it could be there with no electricity running through the wires.So imagine going to a church service. Ok, you're supposed to say some prayers whether those prayers speak what you're feeling at that moment or not. You're supposed to recite a creed that contains someone else's theological reflections that you may or may not agree with. You're supposed to sing some hymns. You know, there's the old joke, "why aren't Quaker good at singing hymns?" "Because they're always looking ahead to see whether or not they agree with the words." Well that's where that comes from. You know, you can force someone in a sense -- in that circumstance -- to sing something that is dishonest for them. And then you listen to a sermon and a good puritan sermon has been crafted for days by the preacher who has given a lot of thought to it. But if it's all up in your head but not in your heart -- if it's all in your book but it's not led by an immediate sense of Divine presence, it's form without substance.The same thing for the sacraments -- there was a lot of debate going on about communion and about baptism -- what they ought to look like, how such rituals should be performed, what the theological and spiritual meaning of these experiences ought to be. If communion meant union with God, you can have the formal elements of communion but no real unity, no sense of union with God happening.And so form without substance was their experience of the organized churches and they said, "we're going to get together and let the Spirit guide us, and that may lead us in radical directions." Like, even women ministering, which was shocking. Perhaps one of the most shocking parts of their message to those around them.More:http://quakerspeak.com/michael-birkel... -

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Quakers Get Naked in Meeting for Worship - semalt

Quaker Meeting for Worship at Guilford College transforms into naked quaker worship -- playing into the story that we're all just nude hippies -- after some rousing ministry from Jon Watts, encouraging us to disrobe and shed these fig leaves. The music video for "Let's Get Naked".Download the song http://bit.ly/psKf68Getting Naked on Facebook http://on.fb.me/qq2h0b**Related Videos**-Quakerism 101 with Max Carter http://bit.ly/rnwFOE-Maggie and Jon Talk Nakedness, Quakeris, and Clothing Yourself in Righteousness http://bit.ly/q1yMRn-Dance Party Erupts During Quaker Meeting For Worship http://bit.ly/cL7y08-Let's Get Naked VideoSong http://bit.ly/oUxXYL**The Clothe Yourself in Righteousness Project**-Pamphlet http://bit.ly/nq2QUE -Music http://bit.ly/q3KU2E -T-Shirts http://bit.ly/q6YRIH-Tour http://bit.ly/nqITh9-Downloads http://bit.ly/oqhzRz-iTunes http://t.co/vwnlMgSJ**Jon Watts**Blog http://bit.ly/coFI2gFacebook http://on.fb.me/5grDKATwitter http://bit.ly/qU7cwIYoutube http://bit.ly/bB5GZ2 "Let's Get Naked" LyricsAdam wasn't full of knowledge.Adam was ashamed.Adam only knew aboutthat one mistake he madeAnd the worst mistake everwas to give these leaves to usI mean, our own doubts and fearswould be perfectly enoughbut no, we've got to hide themand ignore what's at the rootswe're told to love our fig leavesmore than we love the truthBut I'm here to tell you AdamI'm shedding all your shameI'm throwing off this clothingand I'm dancing in the rain.I've got a lot to lose by speaking truth but even more to gain.So let's get nakedlet your shame fall awaylike shedding blanketslet your fear and your identityhang around your anklesthen let's run aroundshow the world the stuff we've foundthe beauty we've kept hiddenunderneath thesepounds and poundsof extra clothing.I'm shedding my self-loathingand replacing it with trust.I'm only here to love.I'm through with thinking anyone's the judge.And when we disrobewe let the light shine inwe strip off the stuff that was leftfrom the liningI'm not signing autographsbecause I don't even have a name.I left it at the party in a pile with all my painAnd I'm trained to cover upI'm trained to hide my shameI'm trained in the fine artof trying to stay saneIn a world where judgment's passedwhere people are condemnedwe cover up our flaws long beforewe work on them.But I'm loving all my blemisheswith sentimental tendernessI'm writing down these sentencesdefenseless.And let's get nakedlet your shame fall awaylike shedding blanketslet your fear and your identityhang around your anklesthen let's run aroundshow the world the stuff we've foundthe beauty we've kept hiddenunderneath thesepounds and poundsof extra clothing.I'm shedding my self-loathingand replacing it with trust.I'm only here to love.I'm through with thinking anyone's the judge.tags: jon watts, quaker rapper, quakers, clothe yourself in righteousness, lets get naked, naked quakers, guilford college, meeting for worship, max carter, maggie harrison, marina vishnyakova, tom clement, yvis, what does the fox say -

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Quakers & Mormons - New York Town - Lenno remix - semalt

2012 - La Valigetta✘ http://www.lavaligetta.it✘ http://www.soundcloud.com/lavaligetta✘ http://www.facebook.com/lavaligetta✘ http://www.twitter.com/allolavaligettaBUY http://www.beatport.com/label/la-vali...-uploaded in HD at http://www.TunesToTube.com -

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Summer Quakers. Сентябрь месяц не стартов №2. - semalt

Делюсь завершением Летнего Квакера от Rosewood manner.Участники проекта:Nataly Gefke: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWrX...Аня Вышивалочка: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLQp...Татинка Tarantinka: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTcHq...Galina Ageeva: https://youtu.be/WKNbfCsFiFwВалентина Ар: https://vk.com/valentina_ar?w=wall-98...Я в ИГ: verakominova -

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Quakers & Mormons - New York Town (Xinobi Remix) - semalt

Quakers & Mormons - New York Town (Xinobi Remix) -

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Teen pirate cult battles in Quakers Friars - semalt

I have no absolutely no idea what's going on. -

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Norfolk Broads Boatyman its quakers on Ranwoth - semalt


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- semalt


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IceDogs Midget 16A1 VS Quakers A1 Highlights - semalt

Goals, hits, and saves from this game. Ice Dogs win 4-1. -

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Quakers Back in for Pre-Season Training - semalt

Darlington are back in for their first training session as they prepare for the season ahead. -

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Hill Strategie - Das perfekte Laptop Business - Affiliate Marketing Ralf Schmitz - semalt

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What Can Quakers Do To Combat Islamaphobia? - semalt

In these times of rising anti-Muslim sentiment, how can Quakers demonstrate our spiritual conviction of equality?►READ Five Things Your Congregation Can Do to Stop Islamophobia: http://fdsj.nl/afsc-islamophobia►SUBSCRIBE for a new video every week! http://fdsj.nl/QS-Subscribe⇒⇒Find out more about Quakers:Become a Friends Journal subscriber for only $28 http://fdsj.nl/FJ-SubscribeLearn more about the life and ministry of New England Quakershttp://fdsj.nl/qs-neymFind out how Quakers are assisting military personnel across the UShttp://fdsj.nl/qs-quaker-houseLearn about the rich diversity of Quakers worldwidehttp://fdsj.nl/qs-fwccWork with Quakers for peace with justicehttp://fdsj.nl/qs-afsc⇒⇒QuakerSpeak links & credits:Listen to the QuakerSpeak Podcasthttp://fdsj.nl/QS-PodcastLike us on Facebookhttp://facebook.com/QuakerSpeakFilmed and Edited by Jon Wattshttp://www.JonWatts.comMusic by Jon Wattshttp://www.jonwattsmusic.com⇒⇒Transcript:Naveed Moeed: There is a reason we are called the Society of Friends. Friends reach out. They take care. They are custodians. They bring love where they go. As Quakers, we are deeply called to react against hate emanating from within our society.What Can Quakers Do to Combat Islamophobia?Layla Razavi: In general, I am fairly conscious of my identity as somebody who is Middle Eastern, whose family is Muslim, and I’m very conscious of how and when I present that identity. So especially if I’m going through an airport or riding on a plane, I’m pretty aware of whether I have a book that has Arabic script on it.I remember a flight attendant once asked me, she complimented my necklace and it had an Allah symbol on it and it had the prophets listed in Farsi, or in Arabic writing, and she asked me if it said my name, and I said no and she asked what it said. And I froze a little bit because I felt so uncomfortable, and I thought, “Is she going to call security on me? Am I allowed to answer honestly?” And I find myself always navigating those places with some trepidation.What is Islamophobia?Raed Jarrar: Islamophobia is a term that was coined a few years back to describe anti-Muslim sentiments. It’s not really just Islamophobia. it’s more anti-Islam sentiments and anti-Muslim hatred. So “Islamophobia” makes it feel like, you know, some people in the US try to avoid Muslims or Islam. It’s more pro-active, destructive forces that try to kill, and discriminate, and destroy Muslims whether they’re inside the U.S. or abroad.So, unfortunately, these anti-Muslim sentiments have been on the rise since 9/11, and hate crimes are on the rise since 9/11. Some presidential candidate debates have added fuel to the fire of anti-Muslim sentiments in the U.S., and so we are living in this moment now where this is happening parallel to events in the Middle East that the U.S. is also involved in.So keep in mind that the destruction of Iraq and Syria also comes from the same mentality of being anti-Muslim, and hating Muslims, and treating Muslims as second-class human beings.Islamophobia as Anti-ImmigrantLayla Razavi: The United States is not a stranger to fear mongering. Unfortunately, it’s been a part of our contemporary history to fear immigrant groups and waves of immigrants who have entered the country. But we’ve also always had a history of people who are welcoming, right? So alongside this dominant narrative that’s always occupied our political spaces, alongside that, there have been faith groups and activists and community organizations that have received and welcomed immigrants with open arms.Confronting IslamophobiaNaveed Moeed: When we see acts of racism and Islamophobia, we should be called to reach out and say, “Hey. That’s not right.” It should be within the very DNA of Quakers to fundamentally react against the loathsome rhetoric that comes out of the highly institutionalized racism that we still have in the United States and in Europe.Raed Jarrar: Many people in our community, the AFSC community, or the Quaker community at large ascribe to views of our cities and the world at large where people are treated equally and respectfully. For those that ascribe to beliefs of treating everyone equally, we have to act on it. And within our safe spaces, we have to be very vocal, and we have to be very active in acting on these principles at a time that it really matters.More: http://QuakerSpeak.com/can-quakers-co...___The views expressed in this video are of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Friends Journal or its collaborators. -

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What Do Quakers Do in Silent Worship? - semalt

What are Quakers doing when they sit in silence on Sunday morning? These 7 Friends share their answers.Quaker Speak is a weekly video series. Subscribe: http://QuakerSpeak.com/subscribe___Go Deeper with Friends Journal:http://FriendsJournal.orgLobby with Quakers on Capitol Hill:http://www.fcnl.orgWork for peace with justice with AFSC:http://www.afsc.org/friendsLearn about the rich diversity of Quakers worldwide:http://www.fwccamericas.org/Directed by Jon Wattshttp://www.JonWatts.com___Transcript:Faith KelleyI’m a little bit of an overachiever, so I usually come in and I’m like, “I’m going to worship now. I’m going to sit here and be the best worshipper ever, and this is going to be it.” And I really have to let that go.What Do Quakers Do in Meeting for Worship?Peterson ToscanoI go to Quaker Meeting and I just let everything open up. I think of it as this wonderful scan disk of my hard drive, helping me clear out all of the gaps and be still and lay down things that are bothering me that really aren’t that important, just getting me to a place of stability and clarity. It’s been really important to me.Preparing the SoilArthur LarrabeeThinking about Meeting for Worship on Sunday, the first thing that comes to mind is to share that Meeting for Worship is a much more satisfactory experience if some spiritual preparation has been done in advance. The metaphor for me is “preparing the soil,” so the soil is ready for the message or for the seed.Kristina Keefe-PerryIt feels like it is very important to be part of a group of people who are creating a container of deepening worship that is already in process as other Friends arrive.CenteringTenaja HensonI remember my first Meeting for Worship when I was older that I could remember was really difficult because I wanted to talk or play a game or go run around.Arthur LarrabeeSo often the energy of life is a topsy-turvy energy. It’s energy going in many different directions with many different pressures, being pulled hither and yon, and it’s centered in many many different places and not in one place.Faith KelleyI usually need the first 10, 15, 20, 30 – however long it takes – minutes to quiet myself.Deborah ShawIn the Meeting for Worship in the silence I am trying to center myself, which means to lay aside distractions of the world, and to listen carefully to the inward teacher, the inward guide, the inner Christ, that within me which is within me and also beyond me.Faith KelleyAnd for me that sort of involves that narrative voice that I sort of have going in the back of my head all the time, just sort of letting that go. It’s not so much about quieting it but just releasing it. The more I sort of try to like, stuff it down, the louder it gets and so it’s just sort of about letting it go. And that seems to make space for God to fill up.Arthur LarrabeeThere’s a quote that means a lot to me from Thomas Kelly’s essay, “The Light Within”, which is found within his volume A Testament of Devotion: “Deep within us all, there is an amazing sanctuary of the soul: a holy place, a divine center, a speaking voice to which we may continuously return.”That describes a centered place for me. This deep inner sanctuary of the soul. And I find meaning and value in trying to get there, making my way back home. Making my way back home.Developing a PracticeKristina Keefe-PerryThich Nhat Hanh, who is of course a Buddhist not a Quaker, talks about meditation as a process of sort of “tuning into the smile channel,” and somehow that description was very helpful for me. Let’s tune into the Spirit channel! Where in the body – in my body – do I perceive the Spirit moving among us?Read more: http://quakerspeak.com/what-quakers-d...___The views expressed in this video are of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Friends Journal or its collaborators. -

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- semalt


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Marketing en la actividad comercial McGraw-Hill Education EAN 978448193584 - semalt

http://www.mcgraw-hill.es/html/844819...Videotutorial Demo de los recursos educativos pertenecientes al proyecto editorial de Marketing en la actividad comerial de la editorial McGraw-Hill Education EAN 9788448193584.Entre los recursos educativos encontraras Actividades, Esquemas, Documentos, Enlaces Web, Prácticas digitales y mas de 50 videotutoriales que te guiaran en el aprendizaje de la materia.www.mhe.es -

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Online Marketing Service for Small Business in Harris Hill, NY - semalt

For more about Online Marketing Service for Small Business in Harris Hill, NY, go to http://ironoxwork.comCall (716) 408 � 0343 for free consult without cost or obligation.Many businesses don�t realize how crucial video marketing is to the success of local business. Many companies don�t understand how much business they are losing by not taking advantage of this growing trend. Believe it or not, the average number of people watching videos daily is an astonishing 100 Million and rising. If you are not using video marketing for your business and your competition is, well, you�re greatly hurting your bottom line. If you own or operate a local business, you need to get started on building a video marketing campaign. Online Marketing Service for Small Business in Harris Hill, NY Contact us now. Call Dr. Dennis Bradford at (716) 408 � 0343.http://ironoxworks.comsmall business internet marketing, online marketing for small business new york, small business marketing, online video marketing, small business marketing, marketing ideas for small business, video content marketing, youtube marketing, business marketing ideas, youtube video marketing Online Marketing Service for Small Business in Harris Hill, NYlw.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acoDZ... -

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Malik Newman: Jayhawks can’t overlook buzz-worthy Quakers - semalt

Kansas sophomore guard Malik Newman said the top-seeded Jayhawks have observed some of the national buzz 16th-seeded Penn has garnered ahead of their Thursday NCAA Tournament matchup at Intrust Bank Arena.KU’s players, Newman shared, are trying to find the balance between ignoring the hype and giving the Quakers the respect they deserve.“It could be good or it could be bad. I mean, you can look at it as, ‘Ah, man, they’re hyping this team up,’ and this, that and the other,” Newman said. “And then you start thinking about it like, ‘Are they really this good? Are they this and are they that?’ Or you can look at it as they’re just hyping the team up just because we’re Kansas or something like that.“We try our best not to look into it and look at it just as another opponent that’s going in to play,” Newman continued, “and we have to take care of business.”KU (27-7) and Penn (24-8) tip off Thursday at 1 p.m.“They’re easily a team that if we overlook then they could give us problems or possibly beat us,” Newman said. “So we can’t overlook anyone at this point. Everyone in the tournament is capable of beating someone. If not, they wouldn’t be here. I think if we overlook somebody our chances of going home would be very high.” -

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Jardine's parrot and Quakers grooming party - semalt

For hand raised parrots go to birdieboardwalk.com! That's where I found my baby Jardine's. -

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Lutino, Blue and Green Quakers (Monk Parrot)| BirdSpyAus - semalt

In this video we see and normal coloured Quaker (Monk Parrot) and to of the mutations we have in Australia, the Blue and Lutino. Previous Video - http://youtu.be/sZwPBajUspsNext Video - http://youtu.be/zVU6BlyOAuAIf you enjoyed our video please give it a like, as it helps us out and thanks for watching.Music used:Heartwarming - Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~Like BirdSpyAus? Want to help support us; we are making Bird information plates to place on your aviaries. Check them out at www.info.birdsale.com.au ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~Looking for us elsewhere on the internet?Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BirdsalecomauTwitter: http://twitter.com/birdsaleaust -

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BLP Public Meeting on Quakers Road - Mia Mottley - semalt

February 23, 2014 - BLP Public Meeting on Quakers Road - Mia Mottley -

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Zany & Frequencerz - Quakers (Clockartz Remix) (FREE) (☆RAWSTYLE NATION☆) - semalt

☢ Welcome To Rawstyle Nation ☢ #JoinTheMovement ☢🎧 Raw Hardstyle & 160BPM 🎧★Rawstyle Nation Socials ►RSN Merchandise: https://shop.spreadshirt.nl/rawstylen...►Website: https://www.rawstyle-nation.com►Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Rawstyle...►Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/rawstyle-nation►Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rawsty...►Instagram: https://instagram.com/rawstylenationo...► Snapchat : rsnofficial★Partnerships ►We work together with different labels !★Feedback►Only the best Rawstyle tracks will be supported. Even if you're just starting making tracks you can email us or send a message on Facebook!!★Info ✯FREE DL: http://www.clockartz.com/downloads/✯Artist: Clockartz►Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Clockartz►Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/clockartz►Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Clockartz►Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/clockartz/►Twitter: https://twitter.com/Clockartz© If you are the owner of this track and the track may not be online, let us know through YouTube, Facebook or Hotmail. Then we delete the track as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience. ✔ -

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New Philadelphia Marching Quakers County Band Show 130828 - semalt


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Sadler Stadium: A new era for Quakers baseball - semalt

Earlham's Randal R. Sadler Stadium ushers in a new era for Quakers baseball. The stadium will officially be dedicated Saturday April 18, 2015. -

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The Kingdom of God (As Quakers See It) - semalt

Quakers have often talked about the “Kingdom of God” but what do we mean by it? We asked 7 Friends about their perspectives.►SUBSCRIBE for a new video every week! http://fdsj.nl/QS-Subscribe⇒⇒Find out more about Quakers:Become a Friends Journal subscriber for only $28 http://fdsj.nl/FJ-SubscribeLearn more about the life and ministry of New England Quakershttp://fdsj.nl/qs-neymFind out how Quakers are assisting military personnel across the UShttp://fdsj.nl/qs-quaker-houseLearn about the rich diversity of Quakers worldwidehttp://fdsj.nl/qs-fwccWork with Quakers for peace with justicehttp://fdsj.nl/qs-afsc⇒⇒QuakerSpeak links & credits:Listen to the QuakerSpeak Podcasthttp://fdsj.nl/QS-PodcastLike us on Facebookhttp://facebook.com/QuakerSpeakFilmed and Edited by Jon Wattshttp://www.JonWatts.comMusic by Jon Wattshttp://www.jonwattsmusic.com⇒⇒Transcript:Kody Hersh: One of the cool paradoxes of Quaker spirituality that is really important to me is this idea that Christ (in my language and understanding) is here and is coming, that the Kingdom of God—this transformation to a world of justice and peace—is here, and it’s coming.Quakers and the Kingdom of GodMark Wutka: So the Kingdom of God, or the Kingdom of Heaven—in fact, I’ve seen other people call it the kingdom of love, the covenant of love, sometimes getting away from the “kingdom” idea—is not talking about where you go after you die, it was the idea of God setting the world right. That God created the world good, things went bad, God would make everything good again. Jesus was proclaiming, “That starts now.” That’s what the messiah’s job was, to say, “Hey, the time has started. God’s putting the world back together.” The sermon on the mount was sort of the blueprint for how the Kingdom of God works.What is the Kingdom of God?Micah Bales: The word “kingdom” in the greek is not a place. It’s not a place where a castle is and there’s land around it. A kingdom is a domain or a realm or the place where a monarch rules. So, the Kingdom of God is the reality in which we live in the ways in which God is calling us to live, and we live in the peace, beauty, and justice that God created the world to reflect.Vanessa Julye: Well, for me, it’s a community where everyone has value and that we are actually able to see that of God in each person, and to be able to live in community sharing the gifts that God has given us with each other. Walter Hjelt Sullivan: The Kingdom of God is… it is already and it is constantly becoming. So, it’s not that there’s some nirvana in the future that we’re going to move into, it’s that we have the moment and the opportunity to remember, to bring back into our body—this body, the community body, the larger body which we call mother earth. So, Friends believe that that is constantly breaking again fresh and anew into the world.Su Penn: The idea that something could exist that was entirely in good order and that encompassed us all and that was just and loving and of course peaceful, and the idea that somehow this could be brought into being—and even more radically, the idea that it already exists and we just can’t see it—I think, is a powerful one. Sometimes there’s this rational part of my head that says, “Well that’s just a metaphor, right?” and then there’s this mystical, very God-connected part of me that says, “This is the Kingdom of God. I am in the Kingdom of God right now” and I believe it, all the way through me down to my very bones.More: http://fdsj.nl/quakers-kingdom___The views expressed in this video are of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Friends Journal or its collaborators. -

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The Beginning feat. Coin Locker Kid—The Quakers - semalt

Track 19 from Quakers self-titled debut, "The Beginning" feat. Coin Locker KidSupport: http://www.stonesthrow.com/store/albu... -

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Safe House For Slaves Provided By The Quakers - semalt

This is one of the original houses that was used as a safe house for slaves. The Quakers did not believe in slavery and they would hide the slaves which was illegal. Sometimes it was called an "underground railroad." When the Quakers got word that they were going to be searched for slaves, the slaves would travel to another designated safe house." Not only were slaves in danger so were the Quakers who were hiding them. This safe house is in Bucks County and the town of Richlandtown, PA. -

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Jon Watts & Maggie Harrison Interview: Quakers and Nakedness - semalt

Jon Watts and Maggie Harrison interview about their joint multi-media project, "Clothe Yourself in Righteousness"... an exploration of "going naked as a sign" amongst Early Friends and the implications for Quakers today.Jon and Maggie met at Guilford College and first heard about going naked as a sign from Quakerism professor Max Carter, who told them the story of Solomon Eccles, a Friend who went naked through Smithfield Market with a basket of burning coals on his head.Maggie and Jon subsequently explored the themes of nakedness in their own lives and in Quaker and Christian theology, resulting in a full album from Jon and a pamphlet from Maggie.This video is an excerpt of an interview for the podcast "Friend Speaks My Mind", by Madeline Schaffer. Hear the full interview: http://bit.ly/o5Adrq**Links**"Let's Get Naked" Music Video "Quakerism 101 with Max Carter"**Clothe Yourself in Righteousness**Music http://bit.ly/oAcBiY Pamphlet http://bit.ly/qwnBqb Facebook http://on.fb.me/qq2h0b **Jon Watts**Blog http://bit.ly/mRObkc Facebook http://on.fb.me/5grDKA Twitter http://bit.ly/pv5YFk Youtube Channel http://bit.ly/bB5GZ2tags: jon watts, quakers, naked, nakedness, lets get naked, guilford college, clothe yourself in righteousness, maggie harrison, marina vishnyakova, spiritual, podcast, friend speaks my mind, solomon eccles, jesus, madeline schaffer -

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